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Week 4: Agree & Disagree - Moral Issues

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July 31st, 2005

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10:32 pm - Week 4: Agree & Disagree
To earn 10 points of credit for Intro to Moral Issues, please respond to the question below. Your response needs to be 150 - 200 words. Make sure to include your name in your subject line.

Name one thing that Caputo discusses in _Against Ethics_ that you agree with, and explain why. Also, name one thing that Caputo discusses that you disagree with, and explain why. Note: You may agree and disagree with different aspects of the same point.

To earn another 10 points of credit, please respond to any comment your classmates posted to this topic. Your response needs to be 75 - 100 words. Make sure to include your name in your subject line.

Due Thursday, 8/4

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Date:August 4th, 2005 03:01 pm (UTC)

Andrea Mosley

I agree with Caputo when he discusses good and evil. I think that people put too much emphasis on defining what is good and what is bad. The funny thing about that is that people define it very differently so what may be good and bad in book may be the total opposite in someone's book. We should, like he said, help each other when others need help. If you think about what is going on in the world today that would be a great concept that people should learn. I hate to bring up race, but that is a prime example. It seems like the white want to look out for the white, and the black want to look out for the black. Enough said about that topic. The thing that I really disagree with Caputo on is the issue that Abraham was an ugly man. I don't know if that was what he was saying exactly, but I think Abraham was a beautiful man. I think the people that are willing to obey God's word are the most beautiful creatures. Again that is all I will say on that topic so I will not go into my religious spell. Ha!
Date:August 4th, 2005 05:55 pm (UTC)

Re: Jesse Jensen

I agree there might be to much emphasis on good and evil, especially if good and bad are so ambiguous. Although I don't believe the fact that because many people have different views of what is good or bad necessarily means that there isn't something that is good or bad. There is only a contradiction if both people are right maybe one is wrong or maybe both of them are partially wrong and right. Even then whose to say that there are only 2 degrees of freedom. Maybe things are related to prospective and that some how effects right and wrong. In summation I think your right we should do are best to help each other but I think there still is a right or wrong.
Date:August 4th, 2005 09:19 pm (UTC)

Re: Andrea Mosley/ Darrick McDade

Andrea I am with you on this one. People do spend to much time trying to figure out who is goo and who is bad. Are the people we are fighting in Iraq Evil people? To use maybe so. But to some people in Iraq they are the good guy and we are the evil empire. Like i said it all depends in what corner you are standing in.

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